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VR Offshore is a technology-driven innovative company providing quality content to virtual and augmented reality platforms with educational and training purposes. Our talented team has many years of experience in game development, graphic arts and 3D and 2D animated film production, including cinema and television. We possess unique techniques and inhouse technologies for the execution of complex tasks in the virtual environment.

Our Vision

The ambition of VR Offshore AS is to become a major player in the offshore market for immersive VR and AR training systens. Through creative ideas and innovative solutions, the focus of the company is to develop and produce high quality products that can solve real problems and for which there is a real need in the market.

Recent Projects

Immersive Virtual Reality Training System for Flight Deck Officers allows the highest level of near-reality training in all scenarios on a helicopter deck, many of which would never be executed using real equipment operated by real people, including emergency situations, human or equipment failure, and extreme weathering conditions. The training consists of theory, procedural lessons, memorizing of movements and behavior; and practical exercises and motoric training in the full-scale virtual reality simulator. The system was developed together with the Military University of Technology in Warsaw.

Virtual Reality Training Modules for training of helicopter deck personnel on offshore oil rigs, supply ships, cruise ships, ferries, and onshore helidecks. The training modules cover practicing of helicopter and deck knowledge, practicing of normal and emergency deck operations and procedures, communication, signaling, and practice with firefighting. The virtual reality modules can be easily adopted into all existing training systems and will comply with existing training routines. The mobility of the system allows for training in remote locations outside of the established training facilities.

VR Training System for training of Rescue Personnel, including HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service), Firefighters, Police, and other civil and military rescue workers. The system offers a complete course consisting of theory, procedural lessons, and training on memorization of movements and behavior through multiple virtual scenarios. Easy to use computer applications equipped with gamification tools enable real time student performance appraisal. It is expected that these systems will enable the standardization of training procurement for all emergency forces.

Training in Virtual Reality

There are many ways to learn, but generally people remember:

What they do
What they say or write
What they hear or see
What they see
What they read